Where can you see cement tiles?

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Cement tiles are used frequently in commercial and residential installations. They can be seen in a Café, restaurant, hotel, bistro, office building, and in many other beautiful floor designs. Depending on the tile’s design, a wide variety of ambiances can be achieved, making cement tiles an extremely versatile design tool.

For residential installations, they are often applied in a kitchen, entryway, living room, or bathroom.
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Production Process

In-Stock Cement Tiles production process
Colors are precisely mixed according to the color codes and the new design. The template for the tile design is made carefully with metal bands. Colors are poured in carefully to designated locations in the tile’s design.

The dye sits for a few minutes, the mold is removed, the colors stay in place. Cement is poured over the colors, it’s then compressed by a hydraulic machine.

The tiles then cure for a few days before they are carefully packaged and palletized. They are then shipped internationally for commercial and residential installations.
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Distribution & Partners

Casa Vita Bella partners with distributors and design centers internationally to meet an ever increasing demand for handmade cement tiles. We deal exclusively on a business to business level.

We carry stock of all the tiles shown on our collections page, and our material is distributed nationally and internationally by our partners.

If you are a designer, architect or distributor and are interested in carrying or selling our artisan tiles, please send us an email at marketing@casavitabella.com.
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Custom Color Pallette

We have developed a proprietary color system to deliver designer colors to our customers. These colors can be used in our customization tool to apply to any part of the cement tiles you choose. If you want a distinct custom color, we can work with you to develop it.