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Black and White

Leon4 kitchen

It would be easy to think that using a black and white color scheme in your home is boring, easy, or predictable, however we find it quite the opposite. Not only can black and white be the perfect compliment to any other colors, they have proven time and time again to stand alone. Even though they are some of the most basic and neutral colors, when used together they demonstrate the highest contrast.

Black and White are especially great choices when choosing more permanent fixtures in your home, such as cabinets, and flooring. You really can’t go wrong with black and white for a timeless look. Black and white can flow with your style and be flexible. You can add more bold bright colors for a modern space, greens and natural weaves for a bohemian vibe, or rich woods for a more traditional look.

One of our favorite ways to use black and white is in our tile. The intricate pattern of this Leon tile takes this white kitchen and turns it into an eye-catching wonder, proving that black and white is definitely not boring. We love how it is such a bold pattern, while maintaining a cohesive look and pulling the whole room together.